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Perhaps, you think this is strange, and yes, it really is:
This site is just about women who wear cargo pants or combat pants.

Cause there are not many of those pictures, most of them are quite bad. Well, they're here anyway!

If you have some pictures of women in cargoes or combats, please send them to

Please send them as jpg's and write, if possible, from where you have those pictures.

Gallery 1 - Falling Fire (Movie)
Gallery 2 - "Die Rote Flut" (Movie)
"Die Rote Flut"
Gallery 3 - Sliders (Movie)
Gallery 4 - Miscellaneous Pictures
Miscellaneous Pictures
Gallery 5 - All Saints
All Saints
Gallery 6 - Sweepers (Movie)

Gallery 7 - Sketches

Gallery 8 - The Minion (Movie)

Gallery 9 - Bitte lächeln

Gallery 10 - Air America (Movie)

i'm still "working" on them...

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